With this issue of Electrical Contractor, we're pleased to introduce a new monthly column. "Code Question of the Month" is based on Code Question of the Day (CQD), a free daily online feature presented jointly by Electrical Contractor magazine and the National Electrical Contractors Association's Codes and Standards Committee. Each weekday morning, Code users receive a practical mini-lesson in how to apply the requirements of the 1999 National Electrical Code on the job, delivered automatically to their e-mail addresses. In the two years that we have operated CQD, our free subscription list has grown to more than 4,000 contractors. That's not bad, but Electrical Contractor magazine reaches nearly 90,000 readers with every issue. That's why we have decided to make the practical, job-related expertise of Code Question of the Day available to a broader audience. Each month, CQD author Charles M. Trout will expand on a selection of his past daily online questions dealing with a particular subject or problem, using more solid Code-based technical information and his own strong opinions based on decades of practical electrical construction and Code experience. We hope you enjoy this new monthly feature. (To subscribe to our daily online Code Question of the Day, see the box at the end of this article.) About our author: Charles M. Trout has been an electrical contractor for many years, and is currently associated with Maron Electric Co. in Skokie, Ill. He is chairman of National Electrical Code-making Panel No. 12, a member of the NECA Codes and Standards Committee, and a member of the Western Section of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Brooke Stauffer, director of Codes and Standards National Electrical Contractors Association

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