CFLs Stirring up Concern

According to the Waterloo Record, Canada's Electrical Safety Authority says it is updating its code of safety to reflect "end-of-life failure" concerns, involving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Fire departments across the nation are reporting more people are calling with worries about their CFLs emitting smoke or odors and making a popping sound as they approach their demise. While the Electrical Safety Authority urges consumers to replace bulbs at the first signs of failure, including the aforementioned as well as flickering, a bright orange or red glow, and browning of the base, officials stress that if installed and used properly, the bulbs pose no risk. Unless otherwise specified, CFLs should not be used in a totally enclosed recessed fixture, with dimmer switches, in touch lamps with photocells or electronic timers, or in areas exposed to water or the elements of weather.

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