CDA Updates Power Quality CD-ROM

The Copper Development Association (CDA) announced that its Power Quality CD-ROM has been updated and expanded. Version 3.0 contains several additional video case histories, new interviews and information from experts, and pertinent sections of the IEEE Emerald Book (Std. 1100-2005).

The articles and videos provide a basic understanding of power quality issues and solutions for both existing and new construction. The material was produced for electrical professionals as well as building developers and operators. Topics include general wiring practice, grounding, harmonics, lightning and transients, power conditioning, and surge protection.

This newest version builds upon an earlier version that was several years in the making.

“Moving from one subject to the next is effortless,” said Dave Brender, National Program Manager at CDA. “The introductory segments provide an overview of the CD-ROM. The user can quickly master the basics and then move on to specific recommendations. Expert opinions supplemented by actual case histories are given along the way about what works and what doesn’t.”

One copy is available for free to U.S. addresses. Call 888.480.4276 for more information. The CD-ROMs also can be ordered from the Publications List section on

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