CCTV with Eyes and Ears

According to Computer Business Review, University of Portsmouth researchers are working on a three-year project to incorporate artificial intelligence capabilities into visual recognition software that would enable CCTV cameras to turn in the direction of a certain sound and capture it in about 300 milliseconds.

“So, if in a car park someone smashes a window, the camera would turn to look at them, and the camera operator would be alerted,” said David Brown, director of the Institute of Industrial Research at the British University.

Portsmouth will not have the algorithms to capture full conversations, but they will be able to listen for specific words associated with violence. The idea is to develop shapes of sounds that can be recognized by the software of the CCTV cameras.

“The software will use an artificial intelligence template for the waveform of sound shapes and, if the shape isn’t an exact fit, use fuzzy logic to determine what the sound is,” Brown said.

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