Car Accident No Match for ABB Customers

Even though a car accident knocked out a local transformer and power at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pa., for nearly an hour, the ABB Low Voltage Products Roadshow, which was taking place at the time, kept going. It was a record turnout for the ABB “Results-Driven Power Control” Show, which visits major cities across the United States every year and offers visitors a look at low-voltage products, automation, power, robotics and instrumentation solutions.

The Roadshow saw more than 250 customers and prospects in the venue on Customer Day. Those attendees filled the technical workshops that ABB held throughout the day. These workshops offer customers the chance to meet and speak with experts of a host of automation-related topics, including Underwriters Laboratories and National Electrical Code standards, harmonic mitigation in industrial environments, sizing motors correctly to drives, a profile of motor types and PLC installations.

“The workshop-session leaders were troupers as the power went out, and all the rooms went to low levels of emergency lighting,” said Steven Jones, the show coordinator and employee at ABB’s Low Voltage & Products Local Business Unit. “They never broke stride. They simply described the slides they were seeing via battery power on their laptops, and kept right on presenting in real time. Attendees never left the rooms, and they kept asking questions.”

The power went out, the show maintained its attendance, and after the power was restored, the show continued. EC


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