Building Collapses in Rosslyn, VA, Workers Wounded

December 8, in Rosslyn, Virginia, part of a high-rise building under construction collapsed. Two construction workers were trapped under a concrete slab and were rescued around 10:45 a.m., two hours after rescue officials first received word of the collapse. The workers were pouring cement on the 24th floor when a 60-feet by 30-feet section fell, partially collapsing the building, Arlington Fire Cpt. Tom Polera reported.

Emergency personnel, including a team of surgeons from George Washington University Hospital, arrived at the scene and treated injuries on-site. Police stated that 16 workers in total were injured. Of those injured,  three are in critical condition, four are in serious condition and nine workers have minor injuries.

There were 200 workers in the building at the time. All of them have been accounted for, Polera said.

The apparent cause of the accident was a collapse of scaffolding framework that was holding cement to be poured, causing a chain reaction leading to the fall of scaffolding walls and support work. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Occupational Safety and Health Administration representatives and county officials are on the scene.

Though this accident might have been unavoidable, we here at want to remind you all that you work in a dangerous environment. Please put safety first.      EC



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