Aussie Video Surveillance Technology Leaves Rivals for Dead


According to Computerworld Australia, National ICT Australia (NICTA) is developing intelligent surveillance technology that would be able to predict behavior and identify faces, even from a distance and if the angle is impaired. The operating system and software package makes use of sophisticated algorithms to analyze physical characteristics, appearances and mannerisms from analog video data. The iBox is able to convert the data into a digital format for motion detection, facial recognition, and behavior prediction.

David Snowdon, the operating system's developer, said public areas that demand high-level security such as airports and transit facilities would be a good fit for the system.

"IBox overcomes the problems of traditional surveillance and sensory technology because it can be located at higher, lower, or more obscure angles while still making a positive ID with far less [facial] information," said Snowdon. "It could be used to detect whether someone is carrying a weapon-like object, or if they are planning to jump from a train platform and it can more accurately match facial characteristics to a database."

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