AT&T Joins Detroit Tigers for Expanded Bandwidth in Comerica Park:

AT&T Inc announced recently that it has signed a new contract to provide managed services to the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team; under the terms of the three-year contract, AT&T delivered a robust managed Internet service (MIS) solution using a burstable DS3 connection in just one week after the contract was signed in time for the ALCS and World Series games.

The solution provides increased bandwidth across the Tigers converged Internet protocol (IP)-based network. The MIS solution is intended to support advanced video and data communications, such as media connectivity, file transfers, Web-browsing and other business-critical corporate operations for Comerica Park.

The flexibility of the MIS allows the service to expand when additional bandwidth is needed to accommodate high-volume traffic. This occurs when media and corporate users take advantage of the Tigers network to stream live video and send and receive large media files, especially during the postseason when media attendance is at its highest.

This year, as the Tigers moved into the postseason, an immediate need for a flexible network solution surfaced. To avoid network downtime, the Tigers enlisted the help of AT&T to provide a network capable of supporting the additional volume. In addition to expanded bandwidth, the network provides added redundancy and increased reliability for greater network efficiency and availability.

“We had a fantastic season this year, and as a result, we knew our network would need additional bandwidth to support the influx of data traffic,” said Scott Wruble, IT manager, Detroit Tigers. “... We were able to accommodate the spike in traffic we received rather quickly and without worrying over network outages or slower Internet speeds.      EC



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