Allied Opens LEED Silver Manufacturing Expansion and Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation announced the grand opening of a 514,000 square-foot expansion of its manufacturing center in Harvey, Ill. The $30 million investment will double the size of the existing facility and is expected to be complete by early 2010. It is the company's first LEED-certified project.

"The Harvey community has played a key role in our success, and our investment in this facility not only positions us to better serve our customers, but also to strengthen our roots in the community for years to come," said Nelda Connors, president, Tyco Electrical & Metal Products.

In addition to technological advancements in warehousing and distribution, the new space will make room for additional capacity and capabilities in Harvey for steel coil slitting, gage reduction, roll forming, threading, product packaging and other secondary operations. It will also improve railroad spur service and inbound and outbound truck loading and traffic lanes, enhancing order fulfillment and processing.

The expansion project also reflects the company's commitment to sustainable business practices, meeting enough Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements for new construction to achieve a Silver certification. Most notably, it incorporates sustainable architectural design features, environmentally friendly construction practices and building products and energy-efficient systems that benefit both indoor and outdoor environmental quality. To achieve the LEED rating, Allied did the following:

  •  Designed and installed high energy efficiency building envelope, heating and ventilation systems, water heating, power, and equipment systems to maximize performance with minimum energy usage

  • Provided measurement and verification systems for continuous monitoring of cooling load, air/water economizer, and air distribution systems

  • Met the ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality standards for ventilation with the HVAC system design

  • Reduced potable water consumption through water efficient landscape and low-flow lavatories by 20 percent

  • Encouraged utilization of renewable energy sources, by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates to offset a percentage of annual building electricity usage

  • Diverted construction waste from the landfill by Implementing waste management plan during construction by recycling or salvaging up to 75 percent of the construction and demolition waste

The expansion comes as Allied celebrates its 50th anniversary. The growth in its manufacturing center in Harvey, Ill., is indicative of the growth the company has seen since inception.

Allied Tube & Conduit was founded in 1959 with an idea for a process that would allow steel tubing to be galvanized while still “in line.” It was called Flo-Coat, and it had the potential to radically improve manufacturing efficiency. In 1960, the company began operation in a 24,000-square-foot plant with just 10 employees and a single tube mill. Within five years, Allied grew to 10 times its original size. In search of more room, the company relocated to the 110,000-square-foot facility in Harvey, Ill., its current expanded center of operations.

For a complete retrospective of the company's successes and development, visit Allied's overview page.

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