AIA Releases 2007 Update to Contract Documents

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) introduced its 2007 Update to AIA Contract Documents, which have defined the contractual relationships in the design and construction industry for 120 years. The AIA prepared the 2007 update, which consists primarily of agreements in the popular A201 family of documents, with input from owners, contractors, attorneys, architects and engineers. The update includes 40 revised, updated or new documents, including new owner/architect agreements.

The AIA updates the A201 family on a 10-year cycle to reflect changes in industry trends and practices. 

The AIA Documents Committee and AIA staff attorneys met with most of the industry groups while working to address their concerns, which included dispute resolution, financial matters, the right to obtain payment information, insurance, the architect’s standard of care and sustainable design. First drafts of the 2007 agreements were completed in 2005.

The AIA sent the drafts out to the industry for review, made revisions to respond to the comments received, and sent out additional drafts in 2006 before finalizing the agreements for the November 2007 release.    EC


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