AHS Announces Bonus Rewards Program for Contractors

American Home Shield (AHS), a provider of home service plans, recently unveiled a new rewards program that will make up to $1.2 million available as bonuses for its contractors. The Contractor Quality Bonus Program rewards AHS contractors’ quality service.

“Our 11,000 licensed contractors service nearly one-and-a-half million customers each year,” said Dave Quandt, senior vice president of field operations. “It’s their feedback that best measures our quality, and AHS is challenging our contractors to always keep customer satisfaction top priority.”

As a part of the Contractor Quality Bonus program, AHS will reward a $25,000 bonus to the top performer in each of its six service categories (appliances, electrical, garage doors, HVAC, plumbing and pool/spa). In addition, 180 top performing contractors will receive bonuses up to $15,000, depending on service trade and number of work orders.

AHS began briefing contractors on the reward program earlier this year, and the full program went into effect in July. The company has set up a website, www.AHSBigScore.com, to keep contractors up-to-date on program information.

“When we’re called to a home, it’s usually because an appliance or system has broken down unexpectedly,” said AHS contractor Greg McCallister, owner of Alpine Heating and Cooling. “The homeowner is understandably frustrated. We’re there not only to take care of the situation, but to do so in a way that’s professional, polite and respectful, and that ensures the overall experience is a positive one. The fact that we have the opportunity to now earn an additional $25,000 for doing those things is incredible.”

Quandt believes that, despite the current economic environment, now’s the best time for businesses to invest in programs that promote and strengthen a quality-oriented culture.

“So many companies are looking for ways to save money, and incentive programs are often the first to go. And, a lot of companies say they’re committed to quality, but they don’t invest in it. Quality is an important part of our culture, and it’s important to us that we reward our contractors who do an outstanding job of providing quality service to our customers,” Quandt said.

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