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Letter From the Editor: 3-2-1 Blastoff!

Published On
Mar 16, 2021

We know your life and livelihood is on the line. Electrical transmission is often in the news and we see line contractors out there building, repairing and maintaining the electrical grid while facing a shortage of skilled labor and an increasing demand for power. This issue launches Line Contractor—brought to you by Electrical Contractor magazine and NECA—tailored to your specific interests. 

We start with William Atkinson’s article, “Weathering the Weather," about the danger line contractors face laboring in extreme cold. Learn what some companies do to protect their employees. 

Next, Susan Casey tells the story of a contractor that wired a testing site for automated vehicles. The road system creates all sorts of challenges for driverless cars, such as exit ramps, a tunnel and elevation changes. I, for one, am glad this isn’t happening on city streets. Read “Let’s Go for a Drive."

Jeff Gavin’s article, “Smart Choice: Know the Right Tree for the Right Place,”  shows how contractors and utilities handle the challenge of trees obstructing power lines.

Finding ways to ship power over longer distances is critical.  Chuck Ross explains the innovation of high-voltage direct current options that use existing infrastructure, which minimizes development hurdles. We also bring you industry news, new products and more.

I am eager to get your feedback on this publication. What would you like to read about, what training and certification do you seek and what projects are you working on? Please email me at We all hope you enjoy the magazine!

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