Motion Sensors Apply throughout the Home

Over the years, motion sensor lighting has taken on many roles. At one point, they were used solely for security purposes. As people began to realize that different lighting levels help conserve energy, this became more of the focus. Now people were able to protect themselves, and save energy at the same time. Eventually, manufacturers incorporated decorative lighting into these motion lights. Now motion sensor lighting could be incorporated into all aspects of the house. Lighting that was once only used to deter burglars has evolved into decorative, multipurpose home lighting that can be used for all applications, decorative or protective. Homeowners that request motion sensing lighting on their homes’ exteriors for safety reasons, are pleased to find out it can be incorporated into their outside lanterns. Motion sensor lighting can be incorporated into all aspects of the house because of these advancements. Today, when contractors are specifying exterior fixtures for aesthetics or lighting safety, they can satisfy both of these needs with the installation of one lantern. Lighting manufacturers now offer, a range of options that combine customers concerns for safety, beauty, convenience, and energy savings, all in one unit. These units can cover either small areas or large ones, where more security is needed. Contractors and consumers have many options. Whether the project involves new construction or remodeling, inconspicuous, fashionable motion sensing lights are available to compliment any home’s exterior. No longer are these lights only the standard, but now they come in various colors and finishes. If the customer is looking for elegance and style, modernized, decorative motion sensing lighting can be a fashionable addition to the exterior of any home, as well as a welcome sense of stability and defense. What began as functional security lighting is now being recognized for its convenience in helping to light the way around the house. When walking to the house from a car or garage at night the lights will automatically detect the motion and light up the path. And, the walkway will be illuminated to guide guests to their cars as they leave at night. Motion-activated lighting meets today’s energy-conscious society’s needs. In terms of energy savings, the figures speak for themselves. The cost for operating two 100-watt bulbs eight hours per night for one year is $86.98 ($0.15/KwH). With a motion-activated light, for the same time span, the cost is $8.70. The annual savings total $78.28! Instead of burning lights at full voltage all night, homeowners can feel secure with new lanterns that include two lighting levels in one. New technology has been introduced that features an accent mode of lighting, allowing the light to burn at half power for a selected amount of time. This mode begins automatically at dusk and runs for three hours, six hours, or until dawn, depending on the time setting one selects. When motion is detected, the light turns on to full brightness for an added security. When motion-sensing lighting was unveiled as a safety measure, consumers began to realize its benefits. At the same time, they did not want a light that stuck out from its surroundings. They wanted a light that would blend in, and protect at the same time. This was important to builders as well. Good-quality, fashionable lighting soon began to follow. Homes constructed with motion-sensor lighting offer more security to the residents. It is beneficial to both the builder and the resident to install motion sensor lighting. The decorative motion sensing lights available today are tailored to what the consumer wants. It is something that is important in home construction. With more and more new construction being provided with motion-sensing lighting as the standard, contractors can educate their clients on the benefits of this new generation of lighting. They can offer customers all types of lighting fixtures. People can create any type of lighting environment they want. They can use the decorative styles in obvious areas, and integrate standard lights in other places. ALDRIDGE is the marketing manager of DESA International’s Tool/Specialty Products Division, which includes the motion sensor lighting brand Heath/Zenith. For more information, readers can call (800) 858-8501 or visit the company’s web site at

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