Juno Lighting Group Opens New Facility With Training Opportunities

Juno Lighting Group announced its newly renovated, state-of-the-art IdeaLab, which is designed to educate lighting designers, architects, distributors, and their clients on the art and science of lighting design. It is a 5,000 square-foot space, featuring the brand new Lighting Science and Technology Room.

To celebrate the grand opening of the IdeaLab in Des Plaines, Ill., Juno announced its 2012 instructor-led classes will commence in May.

The schedule, along with complete course descriptions and online registration, is available here. When accessing the calender, use the navigation arrows at the top of the page to find the desired month and course.

Attendees may apply to their member organizations for CEUs by submitting the course agenda along with your certificate of completion. The number of CEU credits awarded will vary based on the content/agenda of the class attended and the issuing organization. Juno also offers a wide selection of e-learning classes with its e-luminance university website.

The following is a quick guide reference to the courses Juno will offer beginning in May:

Course NameDateDescription
Juno 101 (2-days)May 2-3

This program is designed to give sales people who are new to the industry and/or to Juno a detailed understanding of the selection, application and installation of Juno brand Residential Recessed, Trac and Undercabinet products and includes the following:

* Detailed product knowledge
* Installation exercises
* LED technology update
* Application tips

ALA Residential Lighting Training Course (4-days)June 4-7This intensive four-day workshop, taught by ALA, explores the fundamental and advanced lighting principles, design techniques and sales strategies. Upon successful completion of the final test, graduates of this course are awarded certificates qualifying them as ALA Lighting Specialists.
Lighting Essentials (2 1/2 days)June 19-21

Everything you wanted to know about lighting but were afraid to ask. This seminar will prepare you to "walk the walk and talk the talk" in the lighting industry. Don’t know a lumen from a footcandle? This class is for you.

* Lighting Terminology
* Color and Vision
* Lamp and Ballast Technology
* Fixture Types
* Deciphering spec sheets
* How do I know how many fixtures I need? Lighting calculations - point and lumen methods

Advanced Residential Lighting
July 31-Aug 1 Go beyond the basics in this class and learn the nuances of Residential Lighting Design.

* Proper lamp, fixture and trim selection and placement with emphasis on Aculux Precision Recessed Lighting
* Application tips for ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting
* How to design cove and undercabinet lighting like a pro
* Learn the tricks for specialty areas like home theatres, walk-in closets and sloped ceilings.
* LED Technology Update

This class is designed for distributors, contractors, specifiers and their sales agents that are involved in the high-end residential business, or those who would like to be.
Commercial and Retail Lighting

August 21-22

Learn the ins and outs of Commercial and Retail Lighting and how to select and apply JLG products to comply with the latest energy codes while making spaces look great.

* Selecting and applying recessed, trac and linear lighting systems and options for commercial and retail spaces
* LED technology update and considerations for selecting from LED, CFL and CMH technology
* Understanding energy codes and the products and solutions that aid compliance
Outdoor Lighting

October 23-24

Gain a working understanding of selecting and applying products for outdoor lighting applications with a special emphasis on LED technology.
* LED technology update and considerations for evaluating LED vs. HID systems
* Selecting and applying lighting for applications including area lighting, site lighting, parking garages, walkways and building facades.
* Understanding energy codes, ordinances and environmental concerns and the products and solutions that aid compliance

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