EPA Calls On All Americans to Change Out Inefficient Bulbs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has christened the fourth Tuesday of every October as national Energy Star Day. This year, the agency marked the holiday by issuing a call-to-action to change out inefficient light bulbs with Energy Star certified bulbs.

Energy Star is an EPA certification given to products, buildings and homes that achieve higher standards of efficiency.

The EPA is collaborating with retail, manufacturer and utility partners to reach a goal of changing out more than 300 million bulbs over the course of the next year. According to the EPA, a change-out of this magnitude would save the country about $1.5 billion in annual energy bills.

The EPA sees a light bulb change-out as a simple way for the average consumer to become early adapters of a big trend coming to the industry.

According to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, “The lighting market is poised for dramatic change towards high-quality, long-lasting products that use a fraction of the energy compared to the bulbs they replace,” said Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator. “Energy Star-certified lighting is one of the easiest opportunities for American consumers [to embrace this change].”

The festivities are not designed to start and end on Oct. 4. The EPA is launching a year-long effort to educate people about the benefits of Energy Star certified lighting. The “Light the Moment with Energy Star” campaign will leverage traditional and social media to highlight the affordability, the quality and the broad selection of LED bulbs and fixtures that have earned the Energy Star.

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Rick Laezman

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Rick Laezman is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who has been covering renewable power for more than 10 years. He may be reached at richardlaezman@msn.com.

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