Report Finds Potential Challenges With Smart Home Adoption

According to a new report, "Residential IoT Market Overview," from Navigant Research, the growth of the internet of things (IoT) solution offerings has flooded the smart home market with new connected devices, including smart lighting, smart thermostats, voice assistants, smart surveillance and security, and more.

According to Navigant, consumers are offered a plethora of smart home devices and many lists presenting the best smart home devices available.

"Despite the overabundance of available products, adoption in smart home technologies is limited," Krystal Maxwell writes.

While cost can be one of the largest barriers to adoption, others include security and privacy concerns as well as connectivity challenges. While the first two concerns receive a lot of discussion, the third (connectivity challenges) isn't discussed as much.

"Smart home products need to function as promised, or the various value propositions will be worth little," Maxwell writes. "Given the infancy of the market, many consumers will purchase one or two devices before committing to a fully smart home. The smart home experience is based on the integration of devices. Even with communication standards allowing for connections among devices from different manufacturers, the experience often falls short of consumer expectations."

Navigant notes that, to increase the adoption of the number of devices each household deploys, or to increase adoption in households without any smart home devices, the standard for meeting expectations needs to improve and remain high.

"Smart home technology cannot function as expected merely most of the time," Maxwell writes. "Smart home vendors need to improve the integration of devices and ensure the promised simplicity of these devices before their release for the alignment of expectations and the reality of how these devices function."

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