There's Wind off Them Shores!

It would only be fitting that the first offshore wind farm in the United States could be off the shore of the first state, Delaware.

The BluewaterWind proposal to build such a wind farm gained preliminary state approval. The current questions to be answered are how many windmills will be built and where.

The organization has chosen two possible sites: The northern option resides 11 miles off the Rehoboth Beach shoreline, and the southern option resides 7 miles off the Bethany Beach shoreline.

Since both beaches are popular vacation areas, many worry the 413-foot-tall windmills, which have blades extending higher than the Statue of Liberty, would become an eyesore.

Based on calculations from the Washington Post with help from mathematician Dan Ullman of George Washington University, the wind farm would be visible. With the northern option, because of the curvature of the Earth and the distance of 11 miles, the windmills would appear .11 inches tall, and that’s assuming perfect weather conditions and visibility. On a hazy day, the windmills may not be visible.

The proposal still needs to be approved by The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Office of Management and Budget, the Controller General and The Public Services Commission. However, other offshore wind farm projects also are in progress. BluewaterWind has secured projects off the shores of New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. EC

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