Stimulating Solar

Who: Synergy Electric Co. Inc., Santee, Calif.

What: A 750-kilowatt solar array inverter replacement at a San Diego naval base; in addition, currently Synergy Electric has been awarded four separate photovoltaic and communications projects totaling $16 million and all are funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Project details: Synergy Electric will replace three obsolete and unreliable solar power inverters with two new highly efficient, latest-generation inverters at Naval Base Coronado, San Diego. The electrical contractor also will provide new conductors, replace out-of-date components that are not up to today’s codes and standards, add system monitoring capabilities, replace defective solar modules, and provide a new enclosure around the equipment.

Expected completion date: June 2010

Contract amount: $692,307

How did Synergy get involved in the project? Synergy Electric has been engaged in military work since the company was developed in 1990. Synergy Electric became heavily involved in pier work in the San Diego area and has been recognized as a leader in electrical construction within the military sector.

“I believe, because of our presence on all the local bases, including Arizona and Nevada, we have been ‘in the know,’ with bidding opportunities,” said Diane Keltner, president of Synergy Electric.


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