South Pacific to Be the Model for Clean, Renewable Energy

Vancouver, Washington-based Trimodal Group announced it would provide a comprehensive renewable energy program to be executed in conjunction with South Pacific International Inc. (SPI), a Nevada corporation. SPI has agreed to assist Trimodal Group in jump-starting the program and upgrading elements for the benefit of the South Pacific island communities.

Trimodal has developed a low temperature geothermal technology that can create energy from fluid sources as low as 150°F, as compared to conventional technology, which requires it to be at least 225°F.

“Until now, these temperatures were seen as too low to create energy with any realistic efficiency,” said Ken Pearson, founder of Trimodal. “Our new technology can make this resource profitable. We believe this new technology will greatly increase shallow geothermal exploration and utilization throughout the Pacific Rim, where this type of resource is readily available.”

Trimodal already has agreed to have SPI represent them in the South Pacific in developing as much as 1,100 megawatts of power using this and other technologies. The specialty equipment for the company’s planned demonstration program is being assembled now. The five-year goal is to reverse the status as an importer of fossil fuels in the South Pacific and use the region’s abundant biomass to turn the nation into a net biofuel exporter. Seven East African nations, acting as one bloc, now are actively evaluating the model for their renewable energy needs.   EC



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