Sleeping Green

According to USA Today, more U.S. hotels are including energy-efficient designs in their buildings.

Marriott, Hilton and Wyndham are part of a growing list of hoteliers integrating U.S. Green Building Council construction guidelines into floor plans to make their structures more eco-friendly. Marriott began the trend, with the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green-certified hotel in College Park, Md., which uses 30 percent less electricity than other hotels.

Many hotels are drawn to green construction because costs have fallen. Moreover, since climate change is a popular theme with the public, green hotels have discovered patrons appreciate and are more inclined to patronize businesses that work to become more energy efficient.

“People want to be at a hotel that is on the cutting edge. Whoever does it first is cool,” Dallas Mayor Laura Miller said.

For the hospitality industry and many businesses, becoming green is now common sense. It saves money in operations costs, and it draws in business.   EC



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