Program Offers Concert Goers Green Opportunity

Green Mountain Energy Co, a provider of clean electricity and carbon offset products, and Sustainable Waves, a provider of mobile, solar powered sound and staging solutions, announced a comprehensive program for carbon neutral music tours and events, which includes the availability of solar-powered stages and sound systems. Called Eco-Tunes, this initiative includes the option for concertgoers to purchase a Be Green Ticket for these events, which will be the nation’s first green ticket program certified by Green-e.

“Eco-Tunes is unique because it offers fans, musicians and promoters a one-stop shop for greening up their concert experiences,” said Mark McLarry, chief executive officer of Sustainable Waves.

When a Be Green Ticket is purchased, event goers are provided with up to 1,000 kilowatts of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates to offset approximately 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). These offsets can be applied toward the concertgoer’s emissions that were generated in traveling to the event or other household emissions. For example, offsetting 1,300 lbs. of CO2 is the equivalent of not driving a car about 1,500 miles for one year.

“This is an exciting opportunity for music fans who want to help fight global warming by supporting new forms of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and biomass energy,” said Gillan Taddune, chief environmental officer of Green Mountain Energy Co. “Upgrading to a Be Green Ticket makes it almost effortless, and the Green-e certification process makes the purchase process both transparent and verifiable.”

The Be Green Ticket is available now and is initially being offered to about 500,000 fans nationwide through In Ticketing and All Access Today ticketing agencies. Green Mountain expects the availability to ramp up significantly throughout the year as other ticketing agencies and artists join the program.

The following artists, venues and festivals are currently supporting the program: Steve Kimock; Sound Tribe Sector 9; Perpetual Groove; Orpheum Theater and Pine Mountain Amphitheater in Flagstaff, Ariz.; Tree Sound Studios; Harmony Festival; Boom Boom Room; 12 Galaxies; Catalyst; Sunset Promotions; Willie Nelson (above); Pat Green; Cross Canadian Ragweed; Jake Shimabukuro; The Joshua Tree Music Festival; and Camp Bisco.            EC






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