Please Pass the Salt

According to the Wall Street Journal, a division of United Technologies has partnered with U.S. Renewables to promote a solar-power plant that will use a new method of harvesting heat from the sun.

Hamilton -Sundstrand and U.S. Renewables, which help companies with renewable power and clean-fuel projects, will use molten salt in a way that will convert heat into electrical power, even when the sun is not out. Under terms of the partnership, Sundstrand’s Rocketdyne division will supply heat-resistant pumps and other equipment and consultation services.

Hamilton Sundstrand President David Hess believes projects such as this will become more common amid rising fossil-fuel prices.

“We think there’s a huge market out there,” Hess said, adding that his company will put out approximately $1 billion in solar-power equipment sales over the next 15 years.

According to Hamilton Sundstrand, a new start-up called SolarReserve will manage the solar-power business and will possess the exclusive rights to market and operate utility-scale solar-power plants around the world. Plants that use the molten salt technique will be able to produce as much as 500 MW of peak power or operate nonstop at 50 MW.

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