A Non-Existent Energy Bill

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Mike Strizki owns the only solar-hydrogen house built in the United States. The house in New Jersey is equipped with solar panels, storage tanks, a hydrogen fuel cell and an electrolyzer that has eliminated Strizki's monthly energy bill. In addition, the system generates zero carbon-dioxide emissions and produces hydrogen for Strizki's fuel cell-powered car.

Some analysts believe the system is not viable for use by the public because of its high cost and inefficiencies. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities provided a grant that paid half the cost of building the $500,000 system. However, Strizki, a green energy expert, believes mass production can lower the cost of the technology to about $50,000, though this estimate does not include the solar panels. Some critics of the system cite the inefficiency of the electrolyzer, which converts just half of the power generated by the solar panels to hydrogen, as a major problem.

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