New Jersey Celebrates 10 Millionth CFL Milestone

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced that more than 10 million Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have been distributed statewide as part of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program. The milestone shows the state’s progress toward the future envisioned in Gov. Jon Corzine’s Energy Master Plan.

“Throughout the state, people have taken action to reduce their energy use, protect the environment, save money and contribute to a clean energy future for New Jersey by switching to Energy Star-qualified CFLs,” said Jeanne M. Fox, BPU president.

Corzine’s energy strategy calls for reducing the growth in energy use by 20 percent and increasing the use of renewable energy by 30 percent, both by 2020. Corzine also signed legislation in 2007 to mandate the phaseout of incandescent lighting in state facilities and require the use of Energy Star-qualified lighting and products. Corzine lost his re-election bid in November, so it is unclear whether his energy policies will continue under the next administration.

Since 2008, the Green New Jersey Resource Team has distributed 1.5 million discounted and/or complimentary Energy Star-qualified CFLs. In addition, statewide retailers sold the remaining 8.5 million bulbs through markdown incentives sponsored by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program to encourage customers to purchase Energy Star-qualified lighting at discounted prices.

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