Los Angeles Launches Its Own Green New Deal

Los Angeles
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May 15, 2019

Los Angeles has adopted its own local version of a plan that has generated much media attention on Capitol Hill in recent months.

In April, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released the city’s own Green New Deal. It sets aggressive sustainability goals with accelerated targets, and it puts the city on course to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Four key principles guide the plan. It includes a commitment to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement; promises to deliver environmental justice through an inclusive green economy; proposes to create good paying, green jobs; and expresses a determination to lead by example within city government.

“With flames on our hillsides and floods in our streets, cities cannot wait another moment to confront the climate crisis with everything we’ve got,” Garcetti said.

His plan is designed to zero out harmful emissions from buildings, transportation, electricity and trash, which are the city’s four main sources of pollutants.

The city’s Green New Deal includes several accelerated goals and new targets, such as an 80 percent renewable energy supply by the year 2036. It includes a jobs cabinet to create 300,000 green jobs by 2035 and 400,000 by 2050. It will mandate that all new municipally owned buildings and major renovations be all-electric, effective immediately, and that every building in the city become emissions free by 2050.

The Green New Deal builds on Garcetti’s Sustainable City Plan, which was released four years ago. That plan also called for aggressive sustainability goals.

According to the mayor, the city has already met or exceeded 90 percent of the plan’s near-term goals on time or early. For example, the city has Installed 2,100 publicly available electric vehicle charging stations with a plan for another 10,000 by 2022.

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Rick Laezman is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who has been covering renewable power for more than 10 years. He may be reached at richardlaezman@msn.com.

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