IPL Proposes to Catch Iowa's Breath

In January 2007, Interstate Power aand Light Company (IPL) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, announced details of its Energy for a New Generation plan. Energy-efficiency initiatives and wind energy are key components of the long-term generation plan. That is why IPL recently filed an application for ratemaking principles concerning the company’s proposed construction of up to 200 megawatts (MW) of wind-power generating facilities in Iowa with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) .

As part of IPL’s long-term generation plan, the company is seeking to expand its renewable energy portfolio in Iowa. As a result, IPL is currently exploring various sites across its service area for wind-development opportunities. Upon completion of the site-selection process, IPL expects to begin construction in 2009.

Given the substantial capital investment required to complete the IPL wind project, the company is seeking the IUB’s approval that the proposed ratemaking principles are reasonable prior to investing in the project. Ratemaking principles are fixed and define how the costs associated with building wind facilities will be recovered in utility rates throughout the life of the project.

The company expects to invest approximately $360 to $440 million on up to 200 MW of company-owned wind by the end of 2010. IPL is requesting a 12.3 percent return on equity as part of the filing.

IPL expects to receive an IUB decision on its application for ratemaking principles in the first quarter of 2008.

Upon completion of the IPL wind project, approximately 6 percent of IPL’s electricity will be generated from renewable-energy sources through either purchased power agreements or company-owned renewable generation. More than 90 percent of IPL’s renewable energy will be derived from wind generation. EC




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