Initiative to Bring New Energy-Efficient Technologies into New York

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced the launch of a $30 million initiative to accelerate the market utilization of emerging, cutting-edge energy-efficiency technologies.

The Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program (EE-MAP) is spearheaded by the New York Power Authority (NYPA). The program will fund research, market-development activities and demonstration projects to help leverage investments and promote business-development opportunities for emerging energy-efficiency technologies. In July 2012, the NYPA Board of Trustees authorized $30 million for the EE-MAP initiative.

EE-MAP focuses on accelerating the market development of energy-efficiency technologies by doing the following:
• Helping to accelerate their deployment
• Attracting technology companies to New York
• Creating and facilitating market channels for energy-efficiency technology companies
• Assisting in the forming of strategic alliances and business-development opportunities for technology companies
• Training engineers, contractors and maintenance service providers in designing and installing energy-­efficiency products

In addition, EE-MAP assists with developing energy-efficiency master planning programs and efforts to create new energy-efficiency markets in coordination with state agencies, authorities and electric utilities to improve industry access to investments made at public facilities.
To implement the initiative, NYPA issued a request for proposals (RFP). Once selected, the RFP awardee will identify commercial but-not-yet-widely deployed clean-energy products with significant promise for gaining market share and providing economic development benefits for New York. Each product will be evaluated according to a market readiness and risk profile.

Through EE-MAP, the RFP awardee will create market-development plans, including strategic alliances, business-development opportunities and training programs. This will provide a blueprint to enable engineers to design, install and maintain the new energy-efficiency products and provide technical support and performance evaluation.

“This public-private partnership will help bring innovative green technologies into the marketplace, helping spur economic investment in the clean-energy sector and protect our environment, while maintaining New York’s position as a leader in sustainability,” Cuomo said. “By supporting clean-energy research and production, the state is helping create green jobs in communities across New York, while ensuring that our environment is protected for generations to come.”

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