Global Renewable Demand, and Investment, on the Rise

Two studies released recently confirm commonly accepted solutions to climate change are swelling on a global scale. The Denmark-based wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, commissioned two studies that reveal strong support for renewable power globally from consumers and the companies that make the products they buy.

The first study, “Global Wind Consumer Wind Study 2012,” surveyed consumer preferences for renewable power. Conducted by TNS Gallup, it found that 45 percent of consumers perceive climate change as one of the top three challenges facing the world today. An even greater percentage of consumers would be willing to tailor their choices based on the power that is used to manufacture the things they purchase. More specifically, 65 percent said they would be more willing to buy products from brands using wind energy. Nearly half, 49 percent, said they would pay more for these products. Purchasing choices notwithstanding, a whopping 85 percent said they want more renewable power.

The second study confirmed that companies are also getting on the bandwagon. “The Corporate Renewable Energy Index Report 2012,” prepared by Bloomberg, indexes companies that use renewable-power voluntarily. It identified a continued global increase in new renewable-energy capacity. Specifically, at $237 billion, net investment in renewable power capacity in 2011 far exceeded the $223 billion invested in fossil fuels in the same year.

The index also found that many companies made a significant commitment to renewable energy through direct investment in on-site generation, which accounted for 40 percent of renewable electricity purchases in 2011. The index includes 389 companies from 26 countries.

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