Energy Efficiency Creates Jobs and Affordable Housing

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Jul 26, 2019

The benefits of energy efficiency retrofits are multifaceted. A new report, soon to be released by Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA), shows retrofits of multifamily housing cut down on energy consumption, create jobs and support the creation of affordable housing.

The report, “Job Potential in Retrofitting Affordable Multifamily Housing,” will be previewed later this month. It shows a large untapped job creation potential in the residential retrofit market.

The report notes that energy efficiency improvements are the largest source of clean energy jobs in the United States, with as many as 2.25 million Americans working in energy efficiency and more jobs in the pipeline.

Also, according to the report, demand for home energy efficiency upgrades and more skilled workers is projected to increase, given the huge inventory of existing homes built to outdated energy codes. The rising cost of housing and a greater understanding of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency are also contributing to the trend.

On top of job creation, energy efficiency retrofits also contribute to the creation of affordable housing. The report notes that retrofits make homes more affordable, but they also lower the cost of housing by lowering utility bills. According to EEFA, energy efficiency retrofits are the cheapest, fastest and simplest way to address energy and environmental goals.

EEFA is a coalition of affordable housing, health, energy, environmental, and community leaders striving for changes in policy and practice that create an affordable and healthy environment for renters by making multifamily affordable homes energy and water efficient.

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