Duke Energy Becoming Solar Power Role Model

Duke Energy has installed photovoltaic systems in 10 Indiana schools to raise awareness of solar power among future generations.

The system will serve as an educational tool and a hands-on demonstration of solar energy at work. Each system includes a computerized performance monitoring station, so students can monitor the amount of electricity as it is generated as well as weather conditions affecting power production. In addition, the photovoltaic systems are capable of producing about 2,000 kilowatt-hours a year.

“While the amount of power generated is small, the educational benefit of seeing solar energy at work is a great first step and important,” said Michael Goldenberg, Duke Energy director of products and services.

The solar photovoltaic systems are connected to Duke Energy power lines, which allows any solar power generated to flow into the utility lines. The current program will continue through 2009, and Duke Energy will install a similar system at five additional schools.

Current participating schools include Batesville Middle School, Carmel High School, Clay City Junior/Senior High School, Doe Middle School, Greenwood Middle School, New Albany High School, North Manchester High School, Rushville High School, Wabash High School, West Lafayette High School.

A similar program is also available to qualifying Indiana residential customers served by Duke Energy. EC

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