DOE Supports Energy Efficiency with Web Site

In honor of Energy Awareness Month, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Stay Warm, Save Money Web site at It is an educational outreach campaign to help consumers be more energy-conscious and save on increasing energy costs.

The information focuses on proactive ways to implement simple, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for both homes and businesses this winter and will expand to year-round home energy-efficiency tips. The site also features the DOE’s work to develop cleaner, more affordable, diverse, reliable and sustainable energy sources that support the president’s goal to slow the growth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 while meeting increasing energy demands.

“Americans look for tools to help save on energy costs, but also to make our homes and lives more energy efficient. will help us do both,” said John Mizroch, acting assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy. “By using energy wisely, every American can tap the cheapest, most abundant and most reliable source of new energy available—energy wasted everyday.”

The site is designed to offer both low-cost and no-cost ways to lower energy costs and includes easy energy-saving tips. It will be a year-round resource for Americans’ energy needs, revised as the seasons change, with a weekly energy-saving tip for consumers. The Web site also will feature financial assistance links, long-term energy saving solutions and a blog

covering energy saving topics. Visitors to the site also can download an energy saving to-do list and other materials to help save money on energy costs while staying warm this winter.

More information is available at

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