Deepwater Wind Proposes World's Largest Combined Offshore Wind, Energy Storage Project

In response to a call for new clean energy projects from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and his administration, Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind submitted a proposal to partner with Tesla in order to create Revolution Wind, the largest combined offshore wind and energy storage project in the world.

Gov. Baker is asking for proposals from solar, water and wind power companies for projects that will provide up to 1,200 megawatts (MW) of energy to the state. This will be the largest renewable energy contract in New England’s history.

So far, proposals have come from energy companies in Canada, Indianapolis, Maine, Mass., Rhode Island, the United Kingdom and Vermont.

Deepwater Wind, which made the first offshore U.S. wind farm, has its proposal in the pot. The proposed 144-MW offshore wind farm would be paired with a 40 MW-hour battery storage system from Tesla. Revolution Wind farm energy could power 80,000 Massachusetts households a year.

“People may be surprised by just how affordable and reliable this clean energy combo will be,” said Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski in a July 31 press release. “Offshore wind is mainstream, and it is coming to the U.S. in a big way. The [state’s] ratepayers will benefit from increased competition and declining costs.”

Grybowski explained that the wind farm would be scalable. Deepwater Wind could grow it to include other New England states, or it could remain small to fit the region’s energy gaps. This means Revolution Wind could be built in a single construction season and developed over time with less risk than larger projects typically face.

If approved, construction on Revolution Wind would begin in 2022 and be ready to operate by 2023. Deepwater Wind also submitted alternative bids for larger 288-MW and smaller 96-MW versions, and plans to submit an offshore wind proposal under Massachusetts’ separate 83C offshore wind RFP.

Deepwater Wind’s project has the capacity to create hundreds of local jobs, including base construction and operations, turbine assembly and staging, and long-term operations and maintenance in New Bedford, Mass.

Deepwater Wind plans to build the wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, 30 miles from the mainland. It will be adjacent to its South Fork Wind Farm, a 90-MW project scheduled to begin serving Long Island in 2022. The company is currently developing the Skipjack Wind Farm, a 120-MW project, scheduled to begin serving Maryland in late 2022.

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