Community-Scale Wind Project to Power More Than 1,000 Washington Homes

The owners of Swauk Creek Ranch, a privately owned 3,865-acre reserve in Kittitas County, Wa., have partnered with Seattle-based energy and facility services firm McKinstry to develop and construct five wind turbines that will generate electricity for consumption in Kittitas County.

Consisting of five Gamesa 850-­kilowatt (kW), G58 model wind turbines, the project will deliver 4.25 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to power more than 1,000 homes annually. It is the first for McKinstry’s new distributed-generation development service, which focuses on relatively small-scale projects that produce power for the community in which they are located. The turbines connect to the existing power grid and do not require new transmission lines.

McKinstry partnered with Puget Sound Energy to connect the wind project to the local grid for local consumption.

“These appropriately sized energy-generation systems are a win-win for everyone involved,” said Patrick Farley, McKinstry’s capital manager. “It’s a smart use of abundant natural resources; it provides land owners with an annuity for self-sufficiency, creates local durable jobs and offers communities clean-energy alternatives.”

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