Colorado's Bella Energy Installs a Megawatt of Solar Power

Bella Energy, formerly Sun Electric Systems, a Colorado renewable energy company, announced it has installed a megawatt of power produced by solar energy in the Colorado and Rocky Mountain area.

The Colorado solar industry has grown rapidly since voters approved Amendment 37, requiring energy companies to produce a portion of their power from renewable energy. Amendment 37 spawned rebates and financial incentives for residential and commercial installations.

According to Bella Energy, a megawatt of power can achieve the following in one year:

  • Produce enough energy to drive a car 2.48 million miles, which is 99 times around the earth at the equator

  • Based on national averages, save $150,000 in billed energy use

  • Prevent 1,162 tons of CO2 emissions

  • Prevent the burning of 1.5 million pounds of coal

“Pure energy creates beautiful communities across Colorado,” said Jim Welch, president of Bella Energy and board member of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association. “A megawatt of power is only the beginning. In the next three years, we will install 10 megawatts of renewable power.”

According to Bella Energy’s estimates, that’s enough power to propel a car around the earth 990 times.




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