Cleveland Indians on Deck for Solar Power

Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians, currently is placing 50 photovoltaic panels on the upper concourse, which will generate “a modest amount of power,” according to Jim Folk, vice president of ballpark operations. The array will be 86 feet long and 15 feet high.

The Indians want to reduce energy consumption, Folk said, and could expand solar capacity by adding panels to the sunscreen over the upper deck.

However, the partnership between the baseball franchise and Green Energy Ohio is focused on raising awareness of renewable energy sources and their economic upside, said Richard Stuebi of the Cleveland Foundation, which provided a grant to Green Energy for an informational kiosk near the ballpark solar array.

“These are relatively small steps, but they are high visibility,” Stuebi said. “Citizens see that solar energy works, even here in Cleveland.”

Additionally, the city of Cleveland plans to invest $100,000 researching alternative power for the city’s use.         EC

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