California Takes Another Bold Step to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Continuing to pave a trail of clean burning fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions, the Golden State has adopted yet another landmark law, all the while opening opportunities for those working in installing alternative energies.

California Gov. Arnold Schwar­zenegger has signed Assembly Bill 32 by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles), which will cut greenhouse gas emissions in the state by an estimated 25 percent by the year 2020. The legislation imposes a number of requirements to combat global warming, including a statewide greenhouse gas emission cap for 2020, based on 1990 emissions, by Jan. 1, 2008. The California Air Resources Board is also required to adopt a plan by January 1, 2009, indicating how emission reductions will be achieved from significant greenhouse gas sources via regulations, market mechanisms and other actions.

The governor touted the legislation as the latest in ongoing efforts to fulfill a promise in his first term campaign to make California No. 1 in the fight against global warming. He has signed several other pieces of legislation to address the problem, including a bill to require the state’s investor-owned utilities to draw on renewable energy for 20 percent of their electricity by 2010.    -Rick Laezman

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Rick Laezman is a Los Angeles-based freelancer writer. He has a passion for renewable power. He may be reached at .

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