Boston's Largest Rooftop Solar Development

Broadway Electrical Co. Inc. recently completed the engineering, procurement and construction of the largest rooftop solar array in Boston. The project is located in the Boston/Dedham Commerce Park. Broadway Electrical will also provide the operations and maintenance for the installation.

The array covers 120,000 square feet of rooftop with 3,300 solar modules manufactured by Canadian Solar and has a 974-kilowatt capacity.

“The system was placed on a building that was originally an old turn-of-the-century engine terminal that had translucent sky lights prior to electricity and lighting. The system had to be designed to achieve an extremely low pound-per-square-foot rating to accommodate the existing structure and provide upgrades to be within the Massachusetts building code,” said Kara Doran, Broadway Electrical spokesperson.

A local company, FireFlower Alternative Energy, partnered with First Highland Management & Development to build the project. FireFlower was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Kathleen C. Doyle. Doyle has extensive expertise in solar, wind and biofuel development, combined with more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate.

“This is an important milestone for the city of Boston,” Doyle said. “Large-scale solar installations such as this benefit the environment by providing clean, renewable power at no additional cost to the tenants while helping the property owner’s bottom line. It’s a win-win for the tenants and owners and our local economy.”

The solar array is net-metered and interconnected to the grid, generating renewable power with an estimated annual market value of more than $180,000 and will produce almost 65 percent of the electricity consumed in the building. Additionally, the sale of solar renewable energy certificates created by the state to help incentivize solar development contributed to the project.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council recently selected Broadway Electrical as the regional solar developer for 17 cities and towns in greater Boston. These municipalities are eligible to enter into solar-energy management services agreements with Broadway Electrical, guaranteeing them low-cost solar energy for up to 20 years without the risks of owning and maintaining solar photovoltaic systems of their own. Solar Power World magazine recently named Broadway Electrical among the Top 100 solar power contractors in the country.

Founded in 1936, Broadway Electrical is a third-generation company and one of the Northeast’s largest electrical contractors. With more than 55 megawatts of solar-installation projects in operation or under construction, Broadway Electrical is also one of the largest solar developers in New England. The company provides turnkey renewable-energy solutions, including engineering, procurement, construction, and financing/power purchase agreements, and it has a solar operations and maintenance ­division.

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