Atlanta City Council Votes to Boost EV Infrastructure

Despite the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), they can still be quite burdensome for owners. One of the biggest challenges is that, once EVs leave the home, it becomes difficult to find reliable charging infrastructure, if any at all. Until this infrastructure becomes more ubiquitous, there may be a limit on how popular EVs can be on the whole.

In Atlanta, the government is doing its part to push for more EV charging opportunities. The city council recently passed new regulations to boost the spread of EVs in the city. In all new residential and commercial construction going forward, builders are required to install EV charging infrastructure, and at least 20 percent of parking spaces in new commercial parking structures are required to be EV-friendly.

According to the ordinance, Georgia ranks No. 2 in the United States in EV and plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) sales, and Atlanta is home to approximately 80 percent of the total number of EVs and PHEVs in the entire state.

“There has been expressed interest from constituents to have EV and PHEV charging infrastructure available at the locations they frequent, including, but not limited to, multifamily residences, hotels, and office buildings,” the ordinance states.

The new law also includes citations and other punishments for vehicle owners that park in EV-designated parking spots.

If similar regulations start popping up in other parts of the United States, the EV market will continue to flourish. According to SmartCitiesDive, EV sales are already up nationwide, and electric battery prices are falling. The stars are aligning for these vehicles, and Atlanta has taken steps to make ownership a bit easier.

“Today, the City of Atlanta has taken a historic step to increase our EV readiness and to ensure we remain a leading city in sustainability,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. “I want to thank Councilmember Keisha Lance Bottoms for introducing this legislation and the Atlanta City Council for their work to pass this ordinance. I am proud of our city’s commitment to energy conservation, as well as our efforts to ensure that EVs and EV charging stations remain accessible to everyone.”

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