America's First Ocean Energy to Be Delivered to the Power Grid

Energy users and managers in central and eastern Maine who would like to use clean-energy sources can soon benefit from the first ocean energy to reach the electrical grid in the United States.

Bangor Hydro Electric Co., which built the interconnection, verified on Sept. 13 that the Ocean Renewable Power Co.’s (ORPC’s) Cobscook Bay Tidal Energy Project is delivering power to the grid. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the project’s license in early 2012, and the Maine Public Utilities Commission approved a 20-year power purchase agreement.

The first TidGen device has a peak output of 180 kilowatts and will generate enough electricity annually to power 25 to 30 homes, according to ORPC. Two additional TidGen devices will be installed at the Cobscook Bay Project site in the fall 2013 and, together, the three-device power system is expected to generate enough energy to power 75 to 100 homes.

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