Text Addresses Significant Changes in the NEC 2008

American Technical Publishers Inc released “Significant Changes Based on the 2008 National Electrical Code.” This new textbook is intended to familiarize learners with the major changes contained in the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) and includes only the most significant revisions.

Through the headings at the beginning of each Code change addressed in the textbook, readers can identify the section affected by the change and the specific subject being discussed. The “Significance” section contains information about the type of change and highlights its importance. The “Analysis” section includes an explanation to help readers understand the revised language, its background and the logic of the change. Graphics, photographs, examples and calculations are used to illustrate the change and to enhance learning. The “Summary” section is a brief statement of the change. Where a Code change involves new or updated technology, pertinent information is included under the “Technical Update” section.

The application questions within the textbook are designed to assist the reader in applying the new Code revisions in practice and can be used by an instructor to assess comprehension.



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