Special Equipment in Chapter 6

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Jan 15, 2020

This Article focuses on revisions in Chapter 6 of the 2020 NEC, “Special Equipment,” and it includes the requirements for special equipment such as electric signs and outline lighting systems, electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, equipment, fire pumps and so forth. This part of the series looks at a few significant changes in articles 600 through 695.

Section 600.5 Branch Circuits

Section 600.6(A) has been revised to clarify that a sign or lighting outlet is not required at entrances for deliveries, service corridors or service hallways. Section 600.5(B) addresses markings, and it has been revised to require all disconnects supplying signs or outline lighting systems that are remotely located must be marked with the identity of the sign or lighting system it controls.

Section 600.35 Retrofit Kits

A new Section 600.35 contains requirements for retrofit kits. Retrofit kits must be listed and installed in accordance with the installation instructions. During a sign conversion, any parts found to be damaged must be replaced or repaired. A retrofitted sign must be marked to inform people that the illumination system has been replaced. Signs that are converted to tubular LED lamps powered by the existing sign sockets must include a label to alert personnel that the sign has been modified. The label must include a warning not to install fluorescent lamps.

Article 625 Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System

Article 625 has been retitled “Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System.” The scope of Article 625, Section 625.1 has been revised to clarify that EVs can be connected for the purposes of charging, power export or bidirectional current flow. EVs can also now be used as a standby power source in a similar manner to the use of a standby generator or energy-storage system.

Section 625.60 AC Receptacle Outlets Used for EVPE

The term “electric vehicle power export equipment” (EVPE) is new and defined in Article 100. EVPE as defined is the electric vehicle serving as the source of electric supply. New 625.60 requires AC receptacles in electric vehicles intended to supply off-board utilization equipment to comply with 625.60. These receptacles must be listed, overcurrent protection must be provided and ground- fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection is required. Indication and reset capabilities for the GFCI device must be readily accessible.

680.35 Storable and Portable Immersion Pools

A new 680.35 provides requirements for storable and portable immersion pools. These pools are intended for ceremonial or ritual immersion of people. This requirement mirrors existing requirements for other pools mandating minimum distances from the pool and required GFCI protection.

680.45 Permanently Installed Immersion Pools

A new 680.45 provides requirements for permanently installed immersion pools. These pools also are intended for ceremonial or ritual immersion of people. This new requirement mirrors existing requirements for other types of pools mandating mini- mum distances, clearances and required GFCI protection.

690.12 Rapid Shutdown for PV on Buildings

The requirements in 690.12 have been revised to protect first responders. Rapid shutdown reduces the risk of electrical shock that DC/AC circuits in a PV system. To prevent PV arrays with attached inverters from hav- ing energized AC conductors within the PV array(s), the PV circuits must be specifically controlled after shutdown initiation. DC and AC circuits of PV arrays must be controlled without regard to their source of supply.

690.53 DC PV Marking

The marking requirements of 690.53 have been revised to limit the amount of information necessary, and the number of locations that must be labeled. The information on these labels must be available to qualified persons before servicing PV equipment. There are now three options for the placement of this label, including at the DC PV system disconnect, at the PV system electronic power conversion equipment or at the distribution equipment associated with the PV system.

Section 695.3 Power Source(s) for Electric Motor-Driven Fire Pumps

Section 695.3 requires fire pumps to have a reliable power source. Section 695.3(B) (1) recognizes that reliable power may not be available and permits two or more of the power sources identified in 695.3(A). The exception now permits a combination of power sources from 695.3(A), a feeder source in 695.3(C)(1) and a source in 695.3(A). Section 695.3(C)(3) has been revised to clarify that all supply-side overcurrent protective devices must be selectively coordinated.

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Michael Johnston

Executive Director of Standards and Safety, NECA

Michael Johnston is NECA’s executive director of standards and safety. He is a member of the NEC Correlating Committee, NFPA Standards Council, IBEW, UL Electrical Council and NFPA’s Electrical Section. Reach him at mj@necanet.org.

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