NECA Releases Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding Standard

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) published NECA-BICSI-607-2011, Standard for Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding Planning and Installation Methods for Commercial Buildings (ANSI).

NECA-BICSI 607 will help contractors and installers enhance the planning, specification and layout of an effective telecommunications bonding and grounding system. The standard also specifies installation requirements for components of the telecommunications bonding and grounding systems.

“Telecom technology changes rapidly, but grounding and bonding is always fundamental to any electrical installation,” said Mike Johnston, NECA’s executive director of standards and safety. “A well-designed system is essential to protect equipment and personnel from harm. Correct grounding and bonding products will ensure the long-term success of the system.”

The new standard was jointly developed between NECA and Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). NECA-BICSI 607 is the latest new publication in the National Electrical Installation Standards series published by NECA. NECA-BICSI-607 is $20 for NECA members and $40 for nonmembers. Quantity discounts are available. Contact the NECA Order Desk at 301.215.4504 or

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