NECA Electrical Symbols Standard Now CAD-Compatible

"NECA 100-2006, Standard for Symbols for Electrical Construction Drawings” has been revised and updated. This ANSI-approved standard describes graphic symbols used to represent electrical wiring and equipment on construction drawings.

This second edition of NECA 100 comes with a computer-aided design (CAD) CD that is compatible with all major computerized drafting systems. The revised standard is available in two formats: either as a paper book with a CAD CD or as a paper book only.

“People have been asking us for the NECA 100 symbols in CAD format for a long time now,” said Brooke Stauffer, NECA executive director of standards and safety. “It’s a major functional enhancement over the original 1999 version of the publication, and we think users are going to love this new second edition.”

The PDF version is now available to NECA members and chapter offices for free download at Non-NECA members can also download or buy “NECA 100, Standard for Symbols for Electrical Construction Drawings” for a low price, which is even lower when ordered in quantity.        EC


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