President's Desk 0419 Photo Credit: Cathy Hodor

Larry Beltramo

NECA President

Larry Beltramo is the president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). He took office in April 2019.

Andrew McCoy and Fred Sargent

SARGENT is an electrical industry consultant focusing on service expertise. He can be reached at MCCOY is the Preston and Catharine White Fellow and department head of the Department of Building Construction in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction...

Deborah L. O’Mara

O’MARA is a journalist with more than two decades experience writing about security, life safety and systems integration, and she is the managing director of DLO Communications in Chicago. She can be reached at or 773.414.3573.

Ben Bigelow

Ben Bigelow is an associate professor and Director of the Haskell and Irene Lemon Construction Science Division at the University of Oklahoma. He can be reached at

Mark Earley

Mark Earley, P.E., is the chief electrical engineer at the National Fire Protection Association and secretary of the National Electrical Code Committee. Any technical explanations and opinions in his columns are not to be construed as expressing an official position of NFPA.

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