WAC Lighting hosts First-Ever Landscape Lighting Summit

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Port Washington, NY –  WAC Lighting hosted its first Landscape Lighting Summit on Thursday, November 4th and Friday, November 5tth which included landscape contractors and other industry professionals from around the nation. The event was held at WAC Lighting Headquarters in Port Washington, New York.

The event was designed to introduce a key cross-section of landscape professionals, including electrical engineers, irrigation professionals and landscape contractors, to the WAC Lighting Company and its WAC Landscape Lighting brand. The conference shared information on current products, new LED technologies, and concepts for lighting fixtures that were not currently in the marketplace.

“We were very impressed by this distinguished group of landscape lighting pros and their thoughtful interest in our new product line of forward-thinking LED technologies,” said Shelley Wald, President of WAC Lighting. “Our experience in the landscape industry has been above and beyond everything we imagined it would be. This visit only fueled our passion for inventing more exciting products that will solve challenges they face daily in their work.”

Since the event, we polled a few of the attendees for feedback.  According to Ric Sinclair of Hulihan Territory based out of Jacksonville, FL. "The homeowners are delighted with the wide offering of WAC luminaires, and the fact that the lumens can be increased or decreased to fit the homeowners taste. In one case we are lighting a 150-year old massive Oak with seven Spots at full capacity. This Oak display is blowing away everyone who sees it. The owner told us that of the $2 Million Dollars he spent on this renovation, it is by far the best investment on the job.”

“Such a good experience and wonderful people.  The owners, Shelley and Dirk could not have been nicer people,” according to Bob Odynski, of Foegley Landscape Inc., who also attended the Summit.

Pictured in the image are some of the participants who attended the Landscape Lighting Summit.

About WAC Lighting

This family owned and operated manufacturer is uniquely structured to set your business apart. Driving innovation and making it accessible to the marketplace for over 30 years, WAC operates at a higher level of responsibility with a vertically integrated design and production operation with over 100 LED engineers on staff. In addition to introducing a Groundbreaking LED Landscape brand, WAC has also optimized electronics in upscale luminaire designs including a full range of LED Task, Recessed, Track, Accent and Decorative lighting.

WAC Lighting Global Headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York, with Factories in New York, Ontario, California and Atlanta. WAC Lighting can be reached at 1.800.526.2588 or by visiting www.waclighting.com.