Special Announcement: ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR's First App Available Now!

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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine has launched an app version to supplement the print and online brand offerings already in place. The app is available now in iOS, Android and Kindle versions through the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. It features a page-by-page version of the monthly magazine, a text-only mobile-friendly version, and a hybrid solution. 

Downloading the app is easy. Simply click the following link for your respective platform, or search for "electrical contractor" on your platform's app marketplace.

Also, to ensure you are notified of the app's monthly availability, be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter here.

Editor's note: For any concerned readers, this new app will in no way replace your monthly printed version of the magazine that you receive through the mail and will not affect the amount or quality of content we supply through this website. It is merely an extension of the ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR brand. Our charter is to educate the industry, delivering relevant information to electrical contractors, using any format that is convenient to them. With the launch of this app, we'll be extending our reach to smartphones and tablets, but all other media will remain the same. 

Download the app from the iTunes Store.

Download the app from Google Play.

Download the app from the Amazon App Store.