Siemon Webinar Helps Modern Data Centers Optimize Design

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Siemon, a global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce a new webinar that covers the latest data center design configurations and their impact on manageability, cooling, scalability and total cost of ownership. This latest webinar titled, Optimizing Design for Modern Data Centers: Considerations for Choosing Top-of-Rack in Today’s Fat-Tree Switch Fabrics, will be presented by Carrie Higbie, Siemon’s Global Director of Data Center Solutions and Services, and will take place on Aug. 4, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT.

Fat-tree switch fabrics, also referred to as leaf and spine, are one of the most common switch fabrics being deployed in modern data centers. In a fat-tree switch fabric, data center managers are faced with multiple configuration options regarding application, cabling and whether to place switches in traditional centralized distribution areas, middle of row (MoR) positions or end of row (EoR) positions that use structured cabling to connect to servers, or in a top of rack (ToR) position using point-to-point cabling within the cabinet for connecting to the servers. This warrants taking a closer look at each configuration and its overall impact on the data center.

“While many switch manufacturers are promoting the use of top-of-rack switches, there is no single ideal configuration for every data center and it’s important to examine the pros and cons of each,” says Higbie. “Top-of-rack configurations are ideal for data centers that demand extremely low-latency server connections and cabinet-level deployment and maintenance, but for many enterprise data centers, the use of structured cabling in an end-of-row or middle-of-row configuration offers better manageability, cooling, scalability, cost and port utilization. Our goal with this webinar is to help facilities and data center mangers optimize design as they move from traditional three-tier switch architectures to newer fat-tree switch fabrics.”

In addition to examining the pros and cons of the latest data center configurations, this webinar will include real-world cost analyses and provide a Q&A portion for participants to interact with the presenter. To register for the free August 4th webinar, Optimizing Design for Modern Data Centers: Considerations for Choosing Top-of-Rack in Today’s Fat-Tree Switch Fabrics, visit: All Siemon webinars are also archived for participants to select and review previously recorded sessions at any time.