New Generation Boosts Electrical Contractor Services

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Latest Survey Shows New Roles Include BIM Expert, EMS Provider, MSI, ESCOs

BETHESDA, MD, November 29, 2012 — A new generation of "super contractors" is proactively reshaping the electrical contracting business, according to the latest independent research from Electrical Contractor magazine. Seven in 10 firms now perform design/build or design/assist work and eight in 10 electrical contractors having a medium or high ability to influence the overall electrical design. Approximately 20 percent using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 26 percent expected to use it in the next two to three years.
           "The times they are a-changin'," said Electrical Contractor Publisher John Maisel, channeling Bob Dylan. "Electrical contractors are increasingly adopting new roles within the retrofit and new construction markets to add value and stay competitive, and they're uniquely qualified to do so," he said.
          New generation roles and services include:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Expert: Typically filled by the general contractor, BIM is becoming an integral part of the electrical contractor’s work to help eliminate problems before construction
  • BIM Modeler: The electrical contractor's designated BIM user can be responsible for just the project’s electrical system modell
  • Energy Management Solutions (EMS) Provider: Typically involving wireless building solutions, electrical contractors have the local business relationships with companies who can benefit from EMS solutions and can both install and support the systems
  • Master Systems Integrator (MSI): Many electrical contractors are making a successful transition toward system integration, and those with extensive domain expertise and strong IT skills can manage an even larger percentage of the project
  • Building Energy Modeling Expert: Typically handled by the architect, a holistic energy model could potentially be assumed by a knowledgeable, trained and experienced electrical contractor
  • Commissioning Agent: Often third-party providers who ensure the system works as designed and intended, an electrical contractor can provide this service for the electrical system
  • Energy Solutions Provider or Auditor: The electrical contractor can play a role here as an adviser to the end-user, relative to the energy solutions that can be implemented within the electrical system itself
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): As developing technology converges with the electrical infrastructure, the electrical contractor is ideally situated to play the role of adviser and installer to the end-user as energy advisers and agents for change

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