McCormick Announces Online Training Sessions, Offers Customization Options

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McCormick Systems announced that it has added online training. McCormick’s trainers can customize sessions to each customer’s specific needs and teach them via online connections. A customer company can have a single session or opt for several (sessions are typically two hours long) and can have from one to ten attendees on its end.

“We’ve had our own product database for many years, and we needed to update it to take advantage of real-time pricing options offered by Trade Service and distributors,” said Mike Huskey, chief estimator for Tri-City Electric, Davenport, Iowa. “We needed some help from McCormick in learning how to accomplish this. We told them what we needed. They taught two of us online in three 2-hour sessions.”

McCormick’s other educational offerings include the following
• Standard and advanced courses (taught in Arizona and Maryland)
• By-hand estimating courses (the basics, taught with pencil and paper)
• Customized “on-site” training (trainers travel to a customer facility)
• Videos on (Visit McCormick’s channel here)
• Written tutorials included in the materials sent to customers

“We will maintain our scheduled training classes, as we always have.” said Todd McCormick, company president. “Now, if a given contractor needs help with a specific facet of our system, they can get it without needing to send someone our way and avoiding the expense of sending our trainer on the road. We can orient the training to the customer’s precise needs and deliver it quickly.”