Lutron Electronics Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

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Roundtable of industry luminaries examines how growing trend may benefit productivity, well-being and bottom line

Chicago, IL (December 17, 2018) – The concept of “human centric lighting” is about creating more comfortable and productive work environments for people, and may also make for healthier bottom lines, according to an invitation-only roundtable of experts at the “Human Centric Lighting Roundtable” organized by Lutron Electronics.

The panelists addressed a variety of concepts that focus on the most valuable asset of a building environment – the occupants. Human centric lighting enables developers to better market their building amenities and tenant companies to attract and retain talented employees.

Indeed, human centric lighting can be instrumental in creating well-being and happiness, potentially leading to increased productivity.

Lutron is a strong believer in the positive effects of human centric lighting. The roundtable was a step in advancing the building and design industry’s understanding of research, technology, and design processes related to human centric lighting by having industry leaders share their perspectives on the subject.

The panelists were lighting designer Randy Burkett of St. Louis-based Randy Burkett Lighting Design; architect Gary Bouthillette of Los Angeles’ IA Interior Architects; architecture professor Vivian Loftness of Carnegie Mellon University; Arturo Banuelos, vice president with the property management firm JLL; and building science specialist Brent Protzman of Lutron.

The panel was moderated by Reed Kroloff, founding principal at Jones/Kroloff and a former Tulane University architecture dean and Architecture magazine editor-in-chief.

Scott Hanna, senior vice president at Lutron, believes this conversation is a great first step for Lutron to promote the understanding of human centric lighting.

“Awareness of human centric lighting, in all its variations, is essential to the future of construction and design,” he said. “Lutron is proud to be a leader in providing a discussion forum for these ideas.”

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